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POSITION: Director of Operations
LOCATION: Gorongosa National Park headquarters, Sofala Province, Mozambique
DEPARTMENT: Operations


To apply, please send your CV and Cover Letter to:

Director of Operations Vacancy Details

Gorongosa National Park (GNP) was declared in 1960. During a generation of conflict, the Park lost nearly 95% of its large wildlife. The people living near the Park suffered. In 2004, the Government of Mozambique invited the Carr Foundation to enter into a public-private partnership for the restoration of the Park and to promote sustainable development in the adjacent communities. In January 2008, the Government and the Carr Foundation signed a 20-year co-management agreement, since extended to 2043. The NGO “Gorongosa Restoration Project” (GRP) is responsible for implementing this public-private partnership. The GRP envisions a new style of national park– a park that integrates nature conservation with sustainable development.

Position Description

The Gorongosa Restoration Project operates in a 2.8-million-hectare region of northern Sofala, Mozambique, where the Operations Department is responsible for providing core services to support the institution’s vision, strategy and long-term planning. These services are delivered through five sectors:

– Strategic Planning and Compliance
– Infrastructure
– Technical Services and Fleet Management
– Procurement
– Logistics.

The Director of Operations is responsible for consolidating the annual operating plans for the various departments and thereafter prioritizing the acquisition and allocation of resources to successfully deliver operations services within the scope of the annual operating budget and the available resources.

The Director of Operations will track and monitor the Annual Operating Plan and the associated Budget to ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget and according to the required standards. They will ensure that the GRP has a set of policies, procedures and SOPs to support the execution of the Operations Plan and that the organization operates with maximum efficiency and furthermore that it is fully compliant with all applicable policies, procedures and regulations.


Key Responsibilities

A: Strategic Planning
The Director of Operations leads the planning process and compliance to the plan within the organisation. Within this role- short, medium and long term plans are developed in conjunction with the Departmental Directors, to:
Prioritise core organisational projects.
Formulate the associated resource plans.
Establish budgetary forecasts.
Create activity schedules, accountabilities, tracking and evaluation to ensure that plans are realised.
Identify and track key performance metrics.
Support the implementation of projects.

B: Compliance
Review the organization’s operations policies and SOPs to confirm alignment with the GRP’s objectives and ensure compliance with policies across all departments.
Review all donor policies to confirm alignment with the GRP’s policies and practises across all departments.
Maximize organisational efficiency and productivity through process analysis and interdepartmental collaboration. Improve methods, systems, processes and structures.

C: Infrastructure
The infrastructure sector is responsible for the coordination of all infrastructure projects that are implemented by the GRP internal infrastructure team as well as external contractors. All projects are accomplished within the scope of a Master Plan for the each of the operations sites that are located throughout the 2.8 million hectares of GRP’s involvement. Responsibilities include:
Constant revision of infrastructure Master Plans to ensure that they are current and aligned with the strategic plan

Effective planning and scheduling of infrastructure projects from concept to completion.
Coordination with each department to ensure that infrastructure projects are carefully designed to meet the current and future needs of the department.
Coordination with architects to produce designs, launch tenders and appoint contractors.
Oversee the preparation of short, medium and long-term maintenance plans to ensure that the Park’s substantial infrastructure assets are maintained to the highest standards and that day-to-day repairs and maintenance are effectively managed.
Ensure that the highest standards are maintained by both internal and external contractors and that there is full compliance with the donor requirements for the development of infrastructure projects.

D: Technical Services and Fleet Management
GRP has an extensive investment in plant and equipment and a fleet of over 150 vehicles. The department is responsible for maintaining all plant and equipment to the highest standards and constantly managing acquisition, replacement and disposal of these assets.
The Director of Operations will ensure that the appropriated policies, procedures and SOP’s are in place to effectively manage these assets. Through these policies, procedures and SOP’s as well as the implementation of effective Fleet Management procedures and systems, the objective is to lower the cost of operation and extend the lifespan of assets.

E: Procurement
The Director of Operations, in conjunction with the Supply Chain Manager is responsible for ensuring that the high volume of orders generated by departments are processed efficiently, with a low rate of error and with the correct price / quality mix. Through the implementation of effective controls and auditing procedures, the Director of Operations will eliminate the likelihood of fraudulent transactions.

The Director of Operations will constantly monitor procurement and warehousing metrics to ensure that performance targets are met and that inventories are maintained at the correct levels.
The Director of Operations will build strategic partnerships with Procurement partners

F: Logistics
The Director of Operations will ensure that the GRP has a set of Policies, Procedures and SOPs to optimise the use of vehicles and other resources. In coordination with Departmental Heads and fleet controllers the Director of Operations will ensure that these policies, procedures and SOP’s are enforced to optimises the use of vehicles to ensure that GRP utilises its fleet with maximum efficiency.

University degree in engineering, business or related fields;
Diverse technical and management skills;
Excellent communication abilities with strong interpersonal and negotiation skills;
Deep understanding of project cycle and project management;
Extensive experience in preparing and tracking projects according to budgets;
At least five years of work experience in a similar position;
Excellent computer skills (Excel and databases);
Fluency in English (written, reading and spoken). Preference will be given to applicants with a competency in Portuguese.
Experience living and working in rural areas.

To apply, please send your CV and Cover Letter to: