The tourism sector of Gorongosa National Park received a visit from 5 tourism guides from Mozambique Island to interact with the guides of this conservation area and to understand how tourism activities have been developed.

This is an initiative of Gorongosa National Park in partnership with the Ilha Blue safari company. The GNP guides had the opportunity to visit Ilha de Moçambique and share ideas about tourism and environmental conservation for future generations.

An experience that took 10 days, of much learning about Gorongosa, environmental conservation, and how the tourism sector contributes to the development of the Park and the surrounding communities.

The guides were supported in their discussions by Test Malunga, Gorongosa’s Tourism Activities Manager, as well as other guides, and used the opportunity to ask questions about how to create ideas and projects that help improve local tourism. They also talked about the tourism activities that are developed in Ilha de Moçambique, a region in the north of the country, which gave Mozambique its name, having been its first capital.

“In Mozambique Island, we develop marine activities, we take our visitors to see the sunset, to know our art, culture, gastronomy, and we also make known the history of Mozambique through the historical monuments,” said one of the guides.

During these days, the Blue Island guides went on several safaris, including jungle camps, visited the Edward O. Wilson Biodiversity Laboratory, and the Community Education Center, to understand the interaction between the Park and the communities, and how awareness is being raised about environmental conservation.

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