Celmira da Silva, Director General of the National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC), and Pedro Estêvão Muagura, Administrator of Gorongosa National Park.

Director General Celmira da Silva of the National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC) paid a working visit to Gorongosa National Park in March.

The Director General visited the Park’s new Muzimu tourist camp, scheduled to open in July of 2022. Other stops included the local Community Education Center, the Gorongosa coffee operation, the Edward O. Wilson Biodiversity Laboratory, and the Park’s Operations Department. She also spent time with the Park Conservation team, learning about its wildlife protection, Pangolin rescue, law enforcement and human / wildlife coexistence initiatives.

Director General da Silva wrapped up her visit by spending time with recent graduates from the Master’s Degree in Conservation Biology program. The master’s program is taught in Mozambique exclusively within Gorongosa National Park in partnership with the consortium of three national universities (ISPM, UniZambeze and UniLurio) and the international University of Lisbon.

The visit of the ANAC Director General is part of the monitoring process for implementation of the ANAC Strategic Plan (2015-2024), as well as the Government’s Five-Year Plan.

In 2008, the Mozambican government and the Carr Foundation entered into a twenty-year, public-private partnership to co-manage, ensure the conservation of biodiversity and encourage ecotourism in Gorongosa National Park. In 2018 the Government of Mozambique approved an extension of the joint management contract for Gorongosa National Park for another 25 years.

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