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Gorongosa Park Open - Reservations are required. Call +258 878497094

Overnight guests may stay at the Chitengo campsite (self catering) or go on one of our fly-camp adventures (meals are provided by our team). Proceeds from all park visits create local jobs, build schools and support local education, healthcare and training programs. Contact us at +258 878497094, or for more details and for your reservation.

Featured Program – Girls Clubs

At the core of the Girls Clubs program is our central mission – to keep girls in school. Young girls, particularly in rural Mozambique, are vulnerable to being pressured into child marriage – sometimes as early as the age of 12, 13 or 14. When girls this young marry, they tend to drop out of school and often become young mothers. The longer a child remains in school, the better the long term outcomes are – and not just for her, but for her children, and her children’s children as well.. 


In our work with the communities, we collaborate with local leaders, who help us identify children that may be particularly vulnerable, and along with the Mozambican Dept. of Education, we offer these children supplemental educational experiences – from lessons in basic reading and arithmetic, to taking them on on a safari in Gorongosa National Park, to introducing them to young scientists who work in conservation, helping them to dream about their future careers. 


These experiences open these children to opportunities that they may have never imagined. We are seeing the results ourselves in the way the girls have started to talk about their own futures. Their ambition and excitement is growing. 


Your donations can help us to support these girls. . Many girls must travel to larger villages in order to attend  secondary school. Your donations will provide scholarships to these girls that will cover their schools fees , dormitory fees  and school supply costs. 


We want to support this generation of girls and give them the opportunity to make their own choices about when they will marry and when they will have children.  These choices will, we believe, make future generations healthier, happier, more independent and resilient.  Girls Education is one of the most powerful and effective tools with which we can shape the future. 


Join us on this journey with your donation.

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