The Operations Department provides all of the supporting services that are necessary for the organization to achieve its business objectives, this includes – 

Financial management
Provision of logistics
Statutory compliance
Fleet management
Program Office
IT infrastructures
Human resources management
Strategic planning.

Finance, Procurement and Logistics

The Finance and Administrative sector is responsible for establishing, implementing and maintaining efficient internal controls, administrative and accounting systems and the related procedures to support the effective running of the organization.

Human Resources and Career Development

Our large-scale agroforestry initiative with enduring socio-economic and environmental benefits. The program targets one of the most important hotspots for biodiversity in the region and one of the most politically contentious areas in Mozambique. Gorongosa Coffee works with local farmers and their families living in three remote communities. These communities all endorse a common vision of the integrated relationship between sustainable land use, community development, and conservation value. We are currently selling our coffee internationally. 

Program Office

The Program Office, created in 2016, ensures all projects are aligned with the institution’s vision, strategy and five-year plan, including specific requirements demanded by each donor.

Technical Services

Technical Services are responsible for maintaining the organization’s assets in a state of good repair throughout their useful life and additionally the sector designs and constructs new infrastructure to support the organization’s growth.

Climate Resilient Infrastructure and Urban Planning Program

This program supports the construction of resilient infrastructure to withstand the most common natural hazards in the province of Sofala, thus ensuring that rural communities have resistant buildings to be used as safe havens during a climate shock.
Our successes over the last several years have been accomplished with the generous support of a wide variety of organizations, institutions, and people. We are proud of our collaboration with these allies. 

Tender Applications

Occasionally Gorongosa National Park accepts bids for tender from outside companies for various projects within the Park. Please click here for more details


Mike Marchington

Director of Finance & Administration

Elinor Waterworth

Financial Manager

Bastiaan Boon   Director of Operations / Director de Operações Gorongosa National Park

Bastiaan Boon

Director of Operations

Simião Mahumana, Gorongosa

Simião Mahumana

Director of Programs

Levi Camoes

Levi Camoes

Accounts Payable Administrator

Benedito Bene

Benedito Bene


Waldick Loureiro

Project Accountant

Adriano Pange

Adriano Pange

For Profit Accountant

Gizel Goncalves, Gorongosa National Park, Operations Team

Gizel Goncalves Marmeleiro


Anne Marchington

Apolinario Langa Gorongosa

Apolinario Langa

Database administrator 

Vitor Dos Santos

Vitor Dos Santos

Human Resources Officer

Felistas Msaya, Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique, Operations Team

Felistas Msaya

Administration Manager

Ercila Dos Santos_web

Ercila Dos Santos

Administration Controller

Bento Boene Gorongosa National Park, Operations Team

Asiya Manhice

Procurement Officer

Fernando Mampure

Fernando Mampure


Ibraimo Amuza

Ibraimo Amuza


Jorge Chabuca

Jorge Chabuca

Procurement Officer

Legrand Mapinde

Legrand Mapinde

Procurement Coordinator

Obidience Timburwa

Mechanical Services Manager / Workshop

Pradeep Mohan

Information Technology Manager

Mateus Tomas

Mateus Tomas

Edna Maiela - Senior HR Manager  - Gestora Sénior De Recursos Humanos - Gorongosa

Edna Maiela

Senior HR Manager

Lionel Martins

Infrastructure Manager

Our Mission

Our Mission

Advance an integrated multi-partner approach to conservation and to people-centred development. The Gorongosa Project protects the Park’s biodiversity and ecosystem services and unlocks its economic potential for the community inhabitants of the Gorongosa Buffer Zone, Sofala Province, Mozambique and further afield.

Our Vision

A thriving, biodiversity-rich, Greater Gorongosa conservation landscape, which supports Sofala Province as an engine for resilient and sustainable development enabling nature experiences and wellbeing for its people, enriching all of Mozambique and the world.

A Park for Peace

On 1 August, 2019 a historic ceremony was held in Gorongosa to celebrate the Cessation of Hostilities Accord between the leaders of the Government of Mozambique and the opposition Renamo Party. The accord established Gorongosa National Park (GNP) as a ‘Park for Peace’, delivering human development to the communities that share the greater landscape.

Ethics and Compliance

The Ethics and Compliance e-mail is a reporting mechanism that facilitates reporting of possible illegal, unethical, or improper conduct from staff, suppliers and stakeholders. The e-mail is Ethics@gorongosa.net

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