Our Team

Oversight Committee / Park Warden

Greg Carr

Greg Carr

President, Gorongosa Project

Mohamed Harun

Oversight Committee

Pedro Muagura

Park Warden

COVID-19 Notice

We have decided to close down tourism in Gorongosa National Park until further notice.  We want to play our part in reducing movement and transmission of this disease that has the potential to profoundly affect the communities surrounding the Park. 

Marc Stalmans

Angelo Levi


Katia Tourais Jussub

Gorongosa Project Attorney

Scientific Services

Marc Stalmans

Marc Stalmans

Director of Scientific Services

piotr naskrecki

Associate Director, E.O. Wilson Lab

Susana Carvalho, PhD.

Associate Director of Paleontology and Primatology

Marc Stalmans

René Bobe, PhD.

Research Associate – Institute of Cognitive & Evolutionary Anthropology, University of Oxford

Jason Denlinger - Lab Manager Gorongosa

Jason Denlinger

Lab Manager

Dominique Gonçalves

Dominique Gonçalves

Manager of the Elephant Ecology Project

External Science Researchers

Kaitlyn Gaynor, PhD

Kaitlyn Gaynor, PhD

Postdoctoral researcher – NCEAS

Crimildo Teles Cassamo

Crimildo Teles Cassamo

PhD candidate

Shane Campbell-Staton, Ph.D

Shane Campbell-Staton, Ph.D

Assistant Professor, UCLA

Dr. Meredith S. Palmer

Meredith Palmer, PhD.

NSF Post-Doctoral Fellow, Princeton University

Hallie Walker, Gorongosa

Hallie Walker

PhD candidate, Idaho University

Josh Daskin, Ph.D

Josh Daskin. PhD.

Fish and Wildlife Biologist, USFWS

Arjun B. Potter

Arjun B. Potter

PhD candidate, Princeton

Ryan Long PhD

Ryan Long, PhD.

Assistant Professor of Wildlife Sciences, Idaho University

Dept.of Conservation

Rui Branco

Rui Branco

Director of Conservation


Tsuere Castro Buramo

 Head of Law Enforcement



Alfredo Matavele

Deputy Head of Law Enforcement & Pilot, Chitengo Sector Manager

Santinho Fureque

Bunga Sector Manager


Chiwawa Sector Manager

António Amade Saira

Jangada Sector Manager

Mponda Dinta

Zambezi Sector Manager

Jorge Nginga

Lion Sector Manager

Moisês João Tchapo

Pangolin Sector Manager

Francisco Albino

Pangolin Sector Manager


Human-Wildlife Coexistence

Nelson Roberto Nhamais


Faustino Ventura

Command Room

Albano Vasco Chonze

Science, Tourism and Operations Rangers



Elton Chuva


Zembe Braundê

Sanctuary & Roads

Piano Jantar

Manager of Human-Wildlife Coexistence & Ecosystem Integrity

Manuença Zeca Maibeque

Human-Wildlife Coexistence Field Officer

Elias Mubobo

Human-Wildlife Coexistence Field Assistant

Paola Bouley

Paola Bouley

Associate Director of Conservation


Paulo “Tonecas” Antonio

Wildlife Management, Protected Species & Carnivore Recovery


Mercia Angela

Wildlife Veterinarian & Conservation Data Specialist

Operations team

Mike Marchington

Director of Operations

Werner de Jager

Associate Director of Finance and Administration

Linete Bene

Human Resources Manager

Olivia Felicio Pereira

Program Manager

Lionel Martins

Infrastructure Manager / Infrastructure Development and Maintenance 

Levi Camoes

Accounts Payable Administrator

Benedito Bene


Waldick Loureiro

Project Accountant

Adriano Pange

For Profit Accountant

Gizel Goncalves, Gorongosa National Park, Operations Team

Gizel Goncalves Marmeleiro

Buyer – Procurement, Logistics & Warehousing sector

Anne Marchington

Apolinario Langa Gorongosa

Apolinario Langa

Database administrator  – Finance and Administration Sector

Bento Boene Gorongosa National Park, Operations Team

Bento Boene

Buyer  – Procurement, Logistics & Warehousing sector)

Felistas Msaya, Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique, Operations Team

Felistas Msaya

Administration Manager  – Finance and Administration Sector

Obidience Timburwa

Mechanical Services Manager / Workshop

Pradeep Mohan

Information Technology Manager


Gabriela Curtiz

Gorongosa Guide

Test Malunga

Goronogsa Guide

Richard Lusinga

Gorongosa Guide

Carol Wilson

Activities Manager

Lee Bennett


Additional Guides

Gorongosa Guide

Human Development

Elisa Langa

Department Head

Branquinho Manhonha

Branquinho Manhonha


Vilma Nhambi

Manager North – Girls Clubs

Fatima Charle

Technician – Girls Clubs

Pinho Dauce

Pinho Dauce


Antónia Ferrão

Antónia Ferrão


Berta Barros

Supervisor – Health

Antonio Golonga

Technician – Girls Clubs

Mofati Taibo

Technician – Girls Clubs

Allex Meque

Teacher’s Clubs Manager

Alfredo Jochoma

Youth Clubs Manager

Changamire Barreto

Changamire Barreto

Girls Club Technician

Hercilia Chipanga

Manager – Community Relations

Chico Fagema

District Supervisor – Community Relations

Hélder Fernando

District Supervisor – Community Relations

Dáglassa Vicente Muassinar

District Supervisor – Community Relations

Izequiel Bonda

District Supervisor – Community Relations

Richard Vidamão

District Supervisor – Community Relations

Samuel Figueiras

Eco Club technician – Community Relations

João Zembe

Eco Club Technician – Community Relations

Goncalves Marringuire

Eco Club technician – Community Relations

Lucas Samudine

Eco Club technician

Rui Mutombo

Eco Club Technician – Community Relations

Cremildo de Jesus Carmona

Supervisor – WASH 

Caetano Jange

Supervisor – WASH 

Francisco João Bene

Supervisor – WASH 

Nildo Sulemane

Nurse – Health

Armindo Taúla

Nurse – Health

António Zindoro

Nurse  – Health

Judite P. Dança

Supervisor – Health

Carlos Godinho

Supervisor – Health

Castigo Bangene

Supervisor  – Health

Artur Camisola

Supervisor – Health

Carlos Godinho

Supervisor – Health

sustainable Development

Matt Jordan

Matt Jordan

Associate Director

Quentin Haaroff

Quentin Haarhoff

Coffee Manager

Edson Carneiro

Edson Carneiro

Emerging Farmers


Collin Waddell

Agronomy Manager

Sional Moiane

Coffee Sector Leader

Daniel Magombe

Emerging Farmers

Orlando Pinto

Buffer Zone Agriculture
Beehive Fence

Maria Rodrigues

Honey Manager

Nelson Armando

Cashew Manager

Janelice Bacilio

Processing and Production

Adilson Manguese


Marcos Chova

Honey and Reforestion

Stiven Jofrese


Communications and Media

Marc Stalmans

Vasco Galante

Director of Communications

James Byrne

James Byrne

Media Director

Patrícia Guerra

Patricia Guerra

Gorongosa Business Club

Larissa Sousa

Larissa Sousa

Augusto Bila

Augusto Bila

Janado Nazare Cher

Janado Nazare Cher

Gráinne Keegan

Our Mission

Our Mission

Advance an integrated multi-partner approach to conservation and to people-centred development. The Gorongosa Project protects the Park’s biodiversity and ecosystem services and unlocks its economic potential for the community inhabitants of the Gorongosa Buffer Zone, Sofala Province, Mozambique and further afield.

Our Vision

A thriving, biodiversity-rich, Greater Gorongosa conservation landscape, which supports Sofala Province as an engine for resilient and sustainable development enabling nature experiences and wellbeing for its people, enriching all of Mozambique and the world.

A Park for Peace

On 1 August, 2019 a historic ceremony was held in Gorongosa to celebrate the Cessation of Hostilities Accord between the leaders of the Government of Mozambique and the opposition Renamo Party. The accord established Gorongosa National Park (GNP) as a ‘Park for Peace’, delivering human development to the communities that share the greater landscape.