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COVID-19 Notice

We have decided to close down tourism in Gorongosa National Park until further notice.  We want to play our part in reducing movement and transmission of this disease that has the potential to profoundly affect the communities surrounding the Park. 

A Year in Gorongosa

This visually stunning film features many of Gorongosa’s most iconic animals – lions, elephants, painted wolves – as well as many lesser-known species such as pangolins, termites, ants, mantis, dung beetles, frogs and, of course, some of the most famous birds in Gorongosa.

Featured Video

National Geographic is featuring the work of our own Paola Bouley at Gorongosa National Park.

Gorongosa Lions

They are the ultimate symbol of untamed Africa: to hear the deep roar of a lion thunder out across the night is to experience true wilderness.

Gorongosa Elephants

The first time you see a wild Gorongosa elephant is a moment you will never forget. They are the essence of our untamed African wilderness: huge, majestic, truly awe-inspiring.

Gorongosa Painted Wolves

In April 2018, the Gorongosa Project, in partnership with the Endangered Wildlife Trust, released a pack of 14 Painted Wolves into Gorongosa National Park, marking the return of this endangered species to the Park after an absence of more than 25 years, and signifying the first ever painted wolf introduction into Mozambique.

Micro World

The savannas and forests of Gorongosa are filled with thousands of species of smaller animals – insects, spiders, lizards and frogs – whose role in these ecosystems may be even more important than that of their larger cousins. 

Gorongosa Birds

When you ponder the animal kingdom, it’s hard not to marvel at the bird group – their prominence and diversity are difficult to match. Some birds are generalists, while others have very specific requirements on where they can live and what they can eat. Even in a single forest patch, you’ll find different birds feeding in the canopy, others beneath the canopy, and still others on the forest floor.

Gorongosa Crocs

Whether you love them or hate them, whether you dream about them or have nightmares about them, Gorongosa has lots and lots of crocs! Lake Urema and its network of rivers and lagoons are the perfect home for Africa’s biggest, and most feared, predator – the Nile Crocodile. 

Young Scientists of Gorongosa

Celebrating our extraordinary team of talent here at Gorongosa

Clotilde Nhancale

Antonio Ngovene

Amemarlita Matos

Additional Videos

 Our in-house film production company  produces high-quality, educational long-form and short-form films that promote the Gorongosa Park brand around the world and within Mozambique. 

Gorongosa Mission

The Gorongosa Project protects the Park’s biodiversity and ecosystem services and unlocks its economic potential for the community inhabitants of the Gorongosa Buffer Zone, Sofala Province, Mozambique and further afield.

Our Gorongosa - A Park for the People

Through the lens of Gorongosa, we explore of the most important and urgent questions of our time: what will it take to sustain Africa’s human population and save its remaining wild places? 

On the Front Line

From the team that created National Geographic’s “Africa’s Lost Eden” and “Gorongosa Park: Rebirth of Paradise” comes “On the Front Line – The Rangers of Gorongosa” – Protecting Mozambique’s beautiful Conservation Areas requires courage, skill, and passion. In Gorongosa National Park, a group of men and women endure difficult training to try to achieve their dream of becoming Rangers.

Unreal Coffee. Real Impact

When you purchase any of our products, you become part of our self sustaining system that helps to restore and protect the park, creates jobs and provides healthcare, training and education for its people.

Sponsor a Girl

The Girls’ Clubs initiative continues to be one of Gorongosa Project’s main human development initiatives in the Buffer Zone, offering support to girls to stay at school and learn important life skills.