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Partners and Donors

Gorongosa National Park is open for tourist activities.
Contact us to book accommodation and activities via email at Welcome!

The protection and conservation of Gorongosa National Park and its surrounding communities would not be possible without the support and generosity of our partners. We are grateful for their commitment to our mission and to the future success of Gorongosa National Park. Here is a list of many of these partners:


Government of Mozambique and The Gorongosa Restoration Project

The management and conservation of Gorongosa National Park is a joint effort between the Government of Mozambique and The Gorongosa Restoration Project, a US-based non-profit. They have signed a 20-year agreement to co-manage the Park:  to protect the ecosystem, to assist local communities with their socio-economic development, and to create a sustainable tourism industry.

Gorongosa Restoration Project

Government of Mozambique

Many of our current Projects are being funded by the following Partners:

Kingdom of the Netherlands logo

Our successes over the last several years have been accomplished with the generous support of a wide variety of organizations, institutions, and people. We are proud of our collaboration with these allies:

Tourism Industry



Mundo VIP

Moz Sensations

Dana Tours



Quinta Essência

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