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Gorongosa National Park is open for tourist activities.
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Pangolins in Gorongosa 

The pangolin is endangered, and is the most trafficked mammal in the world.

Our front line veterinarians nurse them to health, and let them go in the wild.

Like anteaters, pangolins have long snouts and even longer tongues, which they use to lap up ants and termites they excavate from mounds with their powerful front claws. They’re able to close their noses and ears to keep ants out when they’re eating.

Though they look and act a lot like anteaters and armadillos, pangolins are more closely related to bears, cats, and dogs.

FAQ about Pangolin

Why are Pangolins in the news these days?

The shy, harmless pangolin is becoming increasingly well known for one reason: It’s believed to be the world’s most trafficked non-human mammal. Tens of thousands of pangolins are poached every year, killed for their scales for use in traditional Chinese medicine and for their meat, a delicacy among some ultra-wealthy in China and Vietnam.

How many Pangolins have the team rescued?

We recently received our 32nd pangolin rescued from illegal traffickers this year.
#31 is a mother pangolin, #32 her baby. #31 is one-legged, looks like she lost her limb in a steel-jaw trap. She is a miracle, as counter to all we know about pangolins they are unlikely to survive in the wild with just one leg. But she did + is raising a healthy pup! After care, both mom and pup were released back in to a wild, secure home by a dedicated team.

Are Pangolins endangered?

African pangolins are included in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) Appendix 1 (endangered) mammals list. The biggest threats facing these animals are live trafficking and poaching.

Will I see them at the Park?

Pangolins are solitary and active mostly at night, and rarely seen. But if you join us on our wildllife safaris, our experienced guides will do their best to show you the wonders of Gorongosa!

How can I help?

You can donate directly to your team – Also, you can purchase our coffee – All profits from our coffee shop are chanelled directly into Park Programs that support our conservation effots among others. 

ACTIVITIES for viewing pangolin

Guided Safari Drives
Our qualified safari guides will take you on an open safari vehicle game drive through a diversity of habitat, wildlife and outstanding birdlife. Here one will have the opportunity to look over spectacular flood plains and explore mystical fever tree and palm forests, whilst searching for the resident wildlife.
Experience the park at first light – 3 to 3.5 hours
$35 per person / Mt 1080 per person for Mozambican citizen


Our Mission

Our Mission

Advance an integrated multi-partner approach to conservation and to people-centred development. The Gorongosa Project protects the Park’s biodiversity and ecosystem services and unlocks its economic potential for the community inhabitants of the Gorongosa Buffer Zone, Sofala Province, Mozambique and further afield.

Our Vision

A thriving, biodiversity-rich, Greater Gorongosa conservation landscape, which supports Sofala Province as an engine for resilient and sustainable development enabling nature experiences and wellbeing for its people, enriching all of Mozambique and the world.

A Park for Peace

On 1 August, 2019 a historic ceremony was held in Gorongosa to celebrate the Cessation of Hostilities Accord between the leaders of the Government of Mozambique and the opposition Renamo Party. The accord established Gorongosa National Park (GNP) as a ‘Park for Peace’, delivering human development to the communities that share the greater landscape.

Ethics and Compliance

The Ethics and Compliance e-mail is a reporting mechanism that facilitates reporting of possible illegal, unethical, or improper conduct from staff, suppliers and stakeholders. The e-mail is