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Painted Wolves

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In April 2018, the Gorongosa Project, in partnership with the Endangered Wildlife Trust, released a pack of 14 Painted Wolves (sometimes called African Wild Dogs) into Gorongosa National Park, marking the return of this endangered species to the Park after an absence of more than 25 years, and signifying the first ever painted wolf introduction into Mozambique.

With only around 6,600 painted wolves left in Africa, this incredible animal is one of the continent’s most at-risk carnivores, and is listed by the IUCN as Endangered. A key conservation strategy is the reintroduction of packs into viable habitats where they once occurred. And now painted wolves will again roam free in Gorongosa, thanks to an innovative and exciting cross border collaboration between wildlife NGOs and government agencies.
Since their arrival, the animals have adjusted well, and there are now 2 litters of pups who can truly call Gorongosa their home! 


2019 Update

The original pack of 14 painted wolves has grown beyond expectation and there are now around 40 ‘mabecos’ in the Park. The alpha female ‘Beira’ produced a litter of 11 pups in April – after losing her first litter to an African python last year shortly after their reintroduction.

Surprisingly, the beta female, ‘Nhamagaia’, also produced a litter of eight, which the pack uncharacteristically accepted without any problems. Four of the original group split off from the main pack earlier this year and the lone female subsequently produced a litter of eight.

The Park introduced an additional pack of 15 painted wolves in October to swell the numbers of this apex predator.


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