On December 15, 2020, the Health Sector of Gorongosa National Park (GNP), in partnership with the District Health, Women and Social Action Service (SDSMAS) of Gorongosa District, held the closing ceremony of the 5th training course for Community Health Workers,or as we call them,  APEs.

The training lasted for 4 months and had a total of 25 trainees, among them 24 men and one woman who was highlighted as the best student with the final classification of 17 (out of 20).

The graduates come from the districts of Gorongosa, Nhamatanda, Muanza and Cheringoma and the APEs that received their Certificates, will being able to start to working from January of 2021.

Attending the graduation ceremony were members of the Gorongosa District Government, members of Gorongosa National Park, representatives of the Sofala Provincial Health Directorate (DPS), the Directors of the District Health, Women and Social Action Services of the districts ( SDSMAS) of Nhamatanda, Gorongosa, Muanza and Cheringoma.

During Angelo Levi’s speech on on behalf of the Park’s Warden, he thanked the Park Health sector and SDSMAS team in Gorongosa for the partnership and the hard work carried out during the four months of training, and appealed to representatives from other districts to maintain and strengthen existing partnerships.

The DPS representative Matias Culpa called out to the new APEs to be leaders in their communities and to share information about prevention of COVID-19 as well as diseases like malaria and diarrhea, among others. He also asked the APEs to be cautious in administering medications and ensuring quantities.

This is the 5th APE course supported by Gorongosa National Park through its Health Sector and the 7th course done in Gorongosa District.