Piro Regulado in Djuchenje, District of Gorongosa is the newest community to join a group of Community Conservation Areas in the districts of Cheringoma, Dondo and Nhamatanda.

Community Conservation Areas are set up to ensure the maintenance and protection of local conservation, aesthetic, historical and cultural values, and to improve the socio-economic situation of local communities, through income generation and sustainable use of natural resources.

Piro Regulado’s Community Conservation Area will create a space for sustainable use in the public and community domain, delimited under local management and holding the right to use and benefit from the land for the common benefit.

Stella Zeca, Secretary of State for Sofala Province reinforced how important the these areas are for the community development and the sustainability of local ecosystems through conservation and enriched livelihoods.

The Piro Regulado Community Conservation Area was reviewed and approved by members of the Provincial Government of the District of Gorongosa and their respective régulos, members of civil society, academia and representatives of Gorongosa National Park.

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