Eighteen employees from the Mapombué campus, in Vila da Gorongosa, were trained in firefighting and prevention by SENSAP (National Public Salvation Services). During the training, the employees had the opportunity to learn and develop knowledge skills that allow them to intervene in fighting fires in buildings, facilities and farm fields and ensure the safe evacuation of people. The main objectives were:

  1. Train first intervention brigades (fires);
  2. Provide employees with techniques for the correct handling of fire extinguishers.

 After the training, then employees are expected to achieve the following skills:

  1. Recognize the different types of fire extinguishers;
  2. Identify and use of different fire breaks;
  3. Handle fire extinguishers according to the nature of the materials and factors favorable to the spread of fire;
  4. Ensure the extinction of fire; and
  5. Ensure the evacuation of goods, materials and people.