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Members of the Gorongosa National Park Environmental Club and students from the 25 de Setembro Primary School in Gorongosa district celebrated International Day of Forests, by discussing issues related to forest conservation, forestry’s importance to community life and restoration and maintenance of forest ecosystems.

Songs and hymns were sung about “Healthy Forests, Healthy People” and the importance of forests in protecting soils from erosion, maintaining freshwater sources on the planet, and saving a large part of biodiversity.

Club members and students were given the mission of working tirelessly to disseminate information about the protection of forest resources so that future generations can benefit from these resources.

Every year thousands of hectares of forest are threatened due to the practice of unsustainable activities such as subsistence agriculture in the Sustainable Development Zone. To reverse this situation, Gorongosa National Park staff are training members of the Natural Resource Management Committees to become skilled beneficiaries of resource management and its products.

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