Women, striving to support conservation strategies as a way of ensuring future generations benefit from the existence of protected areas, met in Gorongosa Park this June.

Twelve women from different universities in Mozambique spent six days in the Park, gaining new skills in ​​biodiversity and conservation during this year’s “Women in Conservation” workshop.

The university students spent time getting to know the park’s diverse ecosystems and engaging in inspiring conversation with other women, Gorongosa scientists, and role models who have made many contributions to conservation in academia, NGOs, and government.

All of the conference attendees shared their stories about their work, their day-to-day challenges and their dreams.

Every year Gorongosa National Park offers opportunities for university students to carry out their scientific research projects, participate in different workshops, learn about biodiversity, and carry out field practices in different areas of of the park.

Story/photos – Janado Nazare Cher

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