According to the report of the National Forest Inventory, there are about 2,202,470 hectares of forests in Sofala province, which in recent years have suffered threats due to the practice of unsustainable activities. This places the province at position 3 at the country level. Despite this, the districts of Muanza and Cheringoma are currently considered a forest corridor, with great tourist potential, as they are areas that interconnect Gorongosa National Park and Coutada 12.

Various strategies are being devised to reverse the situation of deforestation and illegal trafficking in these areas, for example, carrying our inventories, preparing forest resource management plans and also training members of the Natural Resource Management Committees to become beneficiaries in the management of these areas.

Gorongosa National Park, through the Community Relations Department, provided opportunities for members of the Natural Resource Management Committees in Muanza and Cheringoma, to be trained in matters related to the sustainability of resources and support the conservation of those resources.

The opening of training in the district of Cheringoma was led by the District Administrator, José Domingos Tomás, who highlighted in his speech the integration of women in the committees. He also reminded the members of the Committees that they were entrusted with the mission of protecting these forest and being good managers to ensure that the next generations will benefit. Tomás also praised the effort of Gorongosa National Park, who supplied seedlings for reforestation.

This training action involves members of the Management Committees of the communities of Muanandimai, Catemo, Chidanga, Nhabaua and Maciamboza, in the district of Cheringoma