On the 24th of November, The Gorongosa Restoration Project and the Municipality of Vila de Gorongosa, signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the launch of a pilot project of a model village “Vila Modelo”. The main objective is to make Vila de Gorongosa a place where people will benefit from new infrastructures and service, and a model for other communities.
During the event, the President of the GRP, Greg Carr, said that he intends to bring a new vision to Vila de Gorongosa, to help make is a in order to be cleaner and safer place, with schools, markets, health clinics, playgrounds, and work opportunities, and a place where environment conservation and it’s importance in communities can be realised.
Sabete Elicha Morais, Mayor of Vila de Gorongosa, said he was satisfied with the support that the Park has been offering, through job opportunities for many young people living in Vila de Gorongosa, and also reiterated his commitment to walk hand in hand with the Park for the development of the Municipality. The event took place in the coffee factory – Mapombwe and was attended by members of the Gorongosa District Government, Gorongosa National Park and other individuals from the District.