16 Days of Activism

International Volunteer Day 

Zelinha Zeca volunteers for “Model Moms”, a maternal health initiative in Gorongosa National Park that teaches mothers about nutrition so they can help prevent malnutrition in children. Volunteers around the world work tirelessly to provide help and support to others. At Gorongosa Park, we’re proud of the many local volunteers who work with us in health, education and conservation. Everyone’s contribution matters. Together we’re working toward a better future for all!

#InternationalVolunteerDay @UnitedNations


The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women is also the first of 16 Days of Activism in Gorongosa National Park, where we have a strong commitment to gender-based equality. Last year we trained 32 stakeholders to serve as “Men as Partners.” Today, these men engage in activities that support gender equality and female empowerment. Over the next few weeks, we’ll hold workshops, discussions and special events where students, parents and stakeholders learn how to prevent gender-based violence, early marriages and HIV & AIDS

16 Days of Activism
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