Electrical work, culinary arts and skilled trades are among several courses selected by the young people of the Cheringoma district for the next phase of an intensive job training program.

Trainees who participate in the program will explore different professions and careers and prepare for the challenges of the employment world and job market. Everyone receives a package of support materials including school supplies and resources for starting their own employment through youth entrepreneurship. Parents and guardians of the next group of students were introduced and informed about the program at a recent meeting.

The short courses, an initiative of the Peace Club Program in partnership with the Gorongosa Restoration Project and the AAS Technologies Institute of Beira City, will benefit around 40 young boys and girls. Thirty are relatives of local residents engaged in the Demobilization Disarmament and Reintegration Process.

Once they complete their course work, each student will be able to teach and inspire other young people to pursue their dream career and become creative with what they learn in life.

This is the second group to participate in the short course training program. The first group involved about 13 young people from Gorongosa district, who were trained in electricity, cutting and sewing, computers, computer repair systems, civil metalworking and cooking.

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