Environmental Club students from the Vila de Gorongosa primary school spent World Biodiversity Day, visiting Gorongosa National Park, touring the E.O. Wilson Laboratory and spending time with staff from the Park Conservation sector.

Gorongosa Park Administrator Pedro Muagura spoke to the club members about the urgency of conservation for the balance of natural ecosystems for human and animal survival. He also highlighted the importance of forests as essential for the protection of soils against erosion, maintaining the planet’s freshwater sources and harboring a large part of Earth’s biodiversity including flora and fauna.

“Biodiversity has declined at an alarming rate and by reversing the loss of biodiversity, we can improve human health, achieve sustainable development and address the climate emergency,” said Mr. Muagura.

The students also went on safari to learn about the role biodiversity plays in ensuring a healthy Planet Earth for future generations.

Several new environmental education programs are being developed by the Gorongosa Restoration Project education staff that will allow local communities and children to learn the principles and values of environmental conservation, and help protect the planet.

Park scientists believe biodiversity is the answer to several sustainable development challenges and is key for people who are willing to protect nature, restore damaged ecosystems and above all, establish a balance in the relationship with the planet.

Story / photos – Janado Nazare Cher

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