More than 100 children who enrolled in a new pre-school program launched in May graduated in late November and are ready for elementary school.

The pre-school graduation ceremony is the first in the history of the Vinho community. For the parents and guardians who attended, this milestone allows them to see how their children benefit from education programs and by learning how to show dignity and respect for themselves and others. Many of the parents voiced a great interest in supporting the program for future community development reasons.

Dressed in their costumes, the children expressed their joy and skills through song and dance, and recited poems about their rights, culminating with the receipt of their participation certificates.

The 100 children who graduated from the program now have an early start on elementary school by learning language and literacy, natural and social sciences, mathematics, art and creativity, and innovative learning skills through the Comprehensive Development of Pre-school Children Program.

In addition to the community of Vinho, in Nhamatanda, program staff also work with children from the community of Nhambita, in Gorongosa district, and Inhaminga, in Cheringoma district.

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