Human Development Department program managers from left: Joaquim Ngomane, Senior Health Manager; Gil Mahara, Senior Education Manager & Peace focal point; Elisa Langa, Director, Human Development Department; Hercilia Chipanga, Senior Manager, Community Relations; Americo Boaze, Senior Manager, Education; and Zondai Chunguari, Senior Manager, Education.

By Janado Nazaré Cher

The Gorongosa Human Development Department met this month to plan for 2022, align intervention strategies in the Sustainable Development Zones, share experiences and identify synergies between the various programs in order to maximize results.

“Meetings like these are of great relevance,” said Human Development Director Elsa Langa. “They help us understand the difficulties and challenges each sector faces to achieve the results and draw strategies aimed at improving our programs”.

The Gorongosa Human Development Department is the broadest of all, because it involves the Education, Health, and Community Based Natural Resource Management teams. These programs involve teaching people living outside the Park about the principles and values of environmental conservation, medical care, and economic benefits for families based on natural resources.

The annual planning meeting took place in the Gorongosa District Headquarters Village, and was attended by all the managers and supervisors of the Community Relations, Health, and Education programs, including the Administration and Human Resources sector.

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Employees of the Gorongosa Human Development Department gather for a group photo after their annual planning session.

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