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The lives of nearly 1,000 vulnerable children living in Mozambique have improved thanks to a social sports school program that started in 2018 in the rural village communities near Gorongosa Park.

High levels of illiteracy have a direct impact on the development of children living in Mozambique, particularly for women and girls, where 71% are unable to read or write.

The program uses sports as a tool for activities geared toward educating girls and empowering young women. This helps facilitate societal growth in the communities located in the areas around Gorongosa National Park.

Funded by the Real Madrid Foundation and Cruzada por los Niños, the program curriculum focuses on what it takes to become successful human beings, like access to education and health care, gender equality, caring for the environment, and the psychological and motor-skills development, all using football (soccer) as a tool.

“We’re proud to continue with this program and to grow in such adverse conditions worldwide”, said NGO Cruzada por los Niños President, María Díaz de la Cebosa. “We will continue to expand our work in order to improve children’s lives”.

The executive vice-president of the Real Madrid Foundation, Enrique Sánchez, and assistant director general, Iker Casillas, welcomed NGO Cruzada por los Niños, María Díaz de la Cebosanto Real Madrid City to renew the collaboration agreement concerning the social sports school in the rural village communities of the Gorongosa National Park (Mozambique).

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