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Photo – Joaquim Ngomane, Senior Manager of the Health & WASH Sector and the Macorreia Family.

Three children identified by the health team in Mazamba-Cheringoma to receive sunscreen, moisturizing creams and eye and sunglasses donated by Kanimambo to protect them from the harsh rays of the African sun.

Kanimambo is a non-governmental organization that supports people with albinism in Portuguese-speaking African countries, especially in Mozambique.

Anatolia Luís Macorreia, 8 years old, Inês Luís Macorreia, 10 years old and Macorreia Luís Macorreia, 16 years old received sunscreen and eyeglasses.

One of the three children was isolated from society during her first three years of life due to parental prejudice, fear of society’s judgment and the dangers of social discrimination. Soon after intervention and sensitization by the Gorongosa Park health services, two of the children were enrolled in Primary School in Mazamba and are now free to grow up like any other child.

However, these children still reported many vision difficulties and some skin problems, so the Park health team and Kanimambo offered sunglasses so the children could better tolerate the sun’s rays, open their eyes and increase their field of vision.

The children also received SPF50 sunscreen and moisturizing creams to minimize skin problems due to the effect of sun exposure.

The parents were also advised to access the services, vision tests and necessary medications available to them and offered by the ophthalmologist in the village of Inhaminga.

Tânia Manhique, manager of the APSs and Mobile Brigades Program, with the Macorreia family.

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Anatolia and Inês with their father, Mr Macorreia trying on sunglasses.

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