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Gorongosa National Park was in good company on World Wildlife Day as the Ministry of Land and Environment recognized five environmentally sustainable initiatives that have led to good practices, including the prevention of poaching, and illegal fishing and trade throughout Mozambique. 

Park Warden Pedro Muagura accepted the Environmental Grand Prix award on behalf of Gorongosa National Park from Deputy Minister Fernando Sousa, and recognized the people and partnerships who make environmental and wildlife conservation possible.

“This award is for our collective efforts to restore the Mozambican flora and fauna,” said Muagura, “and for the efforts of our community development, science  department,  ecosystem protection, and communication teams to work with local communities.”

Additional awards were presented to Madeiras do Lúrio-Memba (forest management); Municipal Council of Vila de Mueda (land management); Zambezi Delta Safaris (wildlife management); and Chokwe Regional Caritas (middle sanitation).

The Deputy Minister for Land and Environment, Fernando de Sousa, presided over the opening ceremony, congratulated the awardees for their commitment to the preservation of terrestrial and marine ecosystems, and encouraged them to lead and serve as examples of Mozambique’s national efforts to conserve and restore biodiversity.

The awards were announced as part the Platform for Dialogue on the Environment, which is a government initiative is designed to promote dialogue on relevant issues in the sector under the motto “Conserving nature is guaranteeing the future”.

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