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Post/photo – Janado Nazare Cher

I want to share with you the story of Moisés João António so that together we can celebrate International Workers’ Day. Moses is from Tete province, Maravia district, and has worked for Gorongosa National Park since 2007 as a public transport driver and transport assistant.

Soon after acquiring his driver’s license in the public service category, Moses, still young, began his journey in private service, making various trips in different parts of the country. Today he tells us how he became part of the Gorongosa Restoration Project team and the challenges of hitting the roads transporting human lives for many years.

In the beginning Moses took the opportunity to drive for the health sector while at the same time taking his colleagues in the morning and afternoon from Gorongosa village to the Park and back. As the number of workers grew, the Park saw the need to purchase a bus, and Moises was asked to take on the great challenge of being able to safely transport all his colleagues who live in the village, an activity he has carried out to this day.

It has been 14 years of experience and many challenges, having to wake up around 4am and get ready to go with his colleagues to the Park, a 2 hour trip on a road that sometimes has been rounded up because of the potholes in the road. For Moses, the day only ends at 5:30 pm, after returning his colleagues to their homes

Besides driving, Moses has also taken up other areas, where he long managed the sanitation in the Chitengo camp and some time later became assistant to the transport services. Despite so many challenges, he never thought of giving up driving. His colleagues trust him, because in these 14 years of experience, he has always ensured their well-being, even if it meant sacrificing his life.

“The will to drive has always been greater, even if people come and say enough is enough, you’ve done a great job in all these years, I can’t stop, I feel stronger and stronger and more willing to serve my sector.” Said Moses.

As we talked, Moses recalled with joy when for the first time he was entrusted to lead part of his colleagues who were going to participate in a Gala event in Maputo province, leaving from Sofala province, a long journey of almost a day, and he managed to do it successfully. For his strength and dedication, Moses is also entrusted with the company of other drivers making trips to take the new vehicles acquired by the Park.

Because of the risks he faces on the road, Moisés doesn’t want his children to follow the same profession, so he intends to invest in their training in order for them to embrace other areas.

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