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Viewers from around the world can now watch a remarkable story of conservation, hope, and the transformative potential of “Coffee for Water”.

The half-hour segment is one of eight episodes from the Wild Hope series which shines a spotlight on visionary “eco-changemakers” from around the world who are forging unlikely alliances to restore the planet and safeguard local ecosystems.

“Coffee for Water” is set against the breathtaking backdrop of Gorongosa National Park. Viewers are introduced to the inspiring collaboration between local farmers and park experts who are harnessing the power of shade-grown coffee to rejuvenate Mount Gorongosa’s rain forest, build a more sustainable economy and create a brighter future for local residents and wildlife.

As a story of global significance, viewers from every corner of the world can watch “Coffee for Water” and be a part of Wild Hope now that the series available for streaming on PBS Nature and internationally on YouTube with auto-generated subtitles for international viewers.

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