In recent years there has been a significant increase in the animal population in the Gorongosa National Park and also an increase in the human population in the Communities in the Sustainable Development Zone around the Park. This growth had led the Park to create several strategies that aim to facilitate the coexistence between humans and wildlife.

The use of fencing bee hives on the banks of the Púnguè River that elephants cross, the construction of improved silos, and the use of fireworks are part of these strategies, with positive results.

The Human Wildlife Coexistence Dept at Gorongosa National Park has been training men and women to be collaborators to support the establishment of hives along the river and also to manage honey production. This honey, which is sold to the Park is helping contribute to increased income locally.

2021 has been a very satisfying year for for farmers in these areas, as there is a significant increase in agricultural production, as most of the farms are protected through the hives fence.

These activities, facilitated by the Gorongosa National Park, are supported by the inspectors, employees, community leaders and members of the Communities in the Sustainable Development Zone.

Beehive Fence
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