Foreign nationals who wish to visit Mozambique for tourism, business and investment will have their lives made easier with the entry of a new eVisa.

eVisa is a 100 percent Mozambican platform, built from scratch by the government to improve competitiveness and boost the economy and tourism industry.

The new eVisa, allows international travelers to obtain pre-approval of visas for tourism, research and business visits (to attend meetings and conferences).

The platform is also valid for foreign nationals wishing to apply for pre-approval for investment visas.

A user-friendly graphical inter-face allows the applicant to enter all the required information for a visa by filling out an online form explaining the purpose of the visit and allows the applicant to upload all the required documentation, including a copy of their passport, air ticket and proof of accommodation.

The completed application and required documentation is then submitted to the National Migration Service (SENAMI) where it is processed. The applicant is informed about the status approval or disapproval of their visa through the same digital platform within five days.

Once the request is approved, the applicant receives a digital pre-authorization travel document which should be presented to the SENAMI officer at the point of entry in Mozambique. Upon payment of a fee at the border, SENAMI will issue the visa and allow entry into the country. Source: Mozambican Investor

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