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The future of girls and boys going on to secondary school, continuing their studies and becoming the next generation of leaders for Mozambique just got brighter.

Many local students find it difficult to go on or complete secondary school because the schools are far away from where they live.

Forty-one students, mostly girls, are already enrolled in a new distance learning program which is being held at the Administrative Post of Mazamba in the district of Cheringoma. The students received a set of school supplies, books, notebooks, pens, rulers, and other materials to start their studies in June.

Distance learning instructors trained in teaching techniques and learning by the Teachers Clubs and Gorongosa Youth Club members are helping students become more self sufficient, get in touch with different career options and find resources for becoming entrepreneurs.

Local facilitators from the schools of Regulado de Catemo and Escola Secundária de Inhaminga – both in the District of Cheringoma – are assigned to teach each subject of the school curriculum.

The new Gorongosa Distance Secondary Education Program is a partnership between the Gorongosa Restoration Project and the District Service of Education and Technologies of Cheringoma District. The program is financed by the Canadian government and the Gorongosa Restoration Project.

Story/photos – Janado Nazare Cher

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