Elisa Langa
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Elisa Langa, Gorongosa Project Director of Human Development

We conduct Peace Clubs to facilitate dialogue with former combatants and to host communities in a “safe environment”. The clubs share messages about citizenship, social inclusion, and respect for diversity through adult literacy exercises. The activities are facilitated by a “peace promoter”– a person who is trained on reconciliation and conflict resolution. The Peace Club program encourages members to envision a better and viable
future in civilian life through access to new opportunities for income generation and self-employment.

The Gorongosa Priority Families Initiative addresses fundamental challenges facing the communities in central Sofala Province– poverty, poor education and health services, lack of infrastructure, cyclone destruction, child marriage and post-conflict reintegration. This initiative focuses on the communities surrounding the Gorongosa National Park.

Priority Families aims to reach the most vulnerable and the change agents across the landscape with employment opportunities and other benefits. These target beneficiaries are:

– Small-holder farm families;
– Eco-tourism employees;
– Sustainable forestry employees
– Agricultural extension workers;
– Teachers and school directors;
– Primary and secondary students, with focus on girls;
– Community members, in particular women, pregnant women and elders; – Traditional leaders;
– School council members;
– Local artisans;
– Community workers, such as education promoters, health promoters, traditional birth attendant (TBA), model moms (MM);
– Former combatants for reintegration;
– Cyclone affected families.

Mozambique is the 10th most vulnerable country in the world to disaster according to the 2014 World Risk Report. Central Mozambique and Sofala Province in particular have endured several shocks in the last five years including civil unrest and drought in 2015 and 2016. In 2019, Cyclone Idai directly affected food security and income generation for families living in the Province. Cyclone Eloise and Tropical Storm Chalane followed in late 2020 and early 2021, posing additional challenges to local governments and communities.

The Departments of Sustainable and Human Development will collaborate to transform Vila Gorongosa into a Model Village via agreements signed between Vila Gorongosa, UN-Habitat, and the Gorongosa Project. Meetings between local community members, the Municipality of Gorongosa, the Gorongosa Project and UN-Habitat are defining a Sustainable Development Framework for Vila Gorongosa.

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