by Samo Jossefa Samo

Raising awareness is one way to get everyone “Ready to Conserve the Environment”, a duty for all of us and, at the same time, one of the specific objectives of the Youth Clubs of Gorongosa National Park.

Around 13 club members, including four girls from the Nelson Mandela Secondary School Clubs, joined forces and worked diligently, during the month of July, to paint a mural on one of the school walls where two worlds explain the implications of human actions on nature: one in a good state of conservation, the other in a bad state of conservation.

Now that the mural is finished, club members, students and the school community say they will continue to mobilize, sensitize and raise awareness of the world around them, putting into practice all the actions that help conserve the environment, preserve life and minimize the impacts of climate change that have been felt in recent days.

Together, we can keep the environment sane.

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