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-Janado Nazare Cher

Young people living near Gorongosa National Park are getting in touch with their dream jobs and career options through training in electricity, cutting and sewing, computers, computer repair systems, civil metalworking and cooking.

In March, 286 young men and women from different clubs in Gorongosa, Nhamatanda, and Cheringoma districts received certificates of completion.

Several students were offered sewing machines provided by the Park by the Gorongosa Restoration Project and Rizwan Adatia Foundation so that they can start their own projects. Three young people from the plumbing course are already working in the Water Supply Investment and Assets Fund (FIPAG) sector thanks to the support of the Gorongosa district government.

“For young people to have a better future, it is not enough just to teach them,” said Alfredo Jochoma, Youth Club Program Manager. ”We have to equip them with the necessary tools to face the future, with the art of knowing how to do, especially for the girls, who will be an important gain for their communities, They will become entrepreneurs, and able to guarantee their own self-support”

During the 45 days of intensive training, the student trainees also learned several subjects related to the conservation and environmental protection. As a way of celebrating this new stage of their lives, they left messages of thanks to the Park and also presented the practical application of the subjects they learned in the classroom.

The training program is offered in partnership with the Gorongosa Restoration Project, Young Africa Institutes and AAS Technologies.

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