by Samo Jossefa Samo

“A facilitator (promoter) must be someone who is resilient, who knows how to listen, create a safe space and have vital conversations with those they lead”, said Alfredo Jochoma, manager, Community Education Center, Gorongosa National Park. “All promoters (students and teachers) are responsible for drawing up weekly and monthly plans and, in turn, follow them full time”.

SKILLZ methodologies and tools use the power of the soccer ball to educate, teach, guide, inspire and mobilize young people to be agents of change and live healthier lives.

All of the clubs use these methodologies during their sessions around life skills, with topics relevant to the members of the Clubs including: early marriages, gender equality, climate change and other cross-cutting topics that help in the daily lives of the members, making them agents of change in their families, schools and communities.

More than half of the 29 promoters from the Youth Clubs program were girls. All were from the districts of Cheringoma, Dondo, Gorongosa, Nhamatanda, Maringué and Muanza located in th Park’s sustainable development zone and participated in the training that lasted of two days in late August.

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